What is Her Pink Wine?

It is the studio of Lariab Ahmad that manages her work and projects. It is your primary and authentic point of contact for enquiries.

Who is Lariab Ahmad?

A carbon based life form offering her services as a Cultural Worker, creating like a Multidisciplinary Artist and an Integrative Researcher commenting on the many underlying threads of our reality.

How do I acquire new works?

There are three channels:

  1. You can view authentic work available through galleries here 
  2. You can send in an email at zynei1995@gmail.com to check for other available works from the studio collection.
  3. You can buy signed, sustainable and affordable prints directly from WIDTH.

What is a certificate of authenticity (COA)?

The certificate of authenticity (COA) means you can sell or insure Lariab Ahmad’s work knowing it’s legitimate. Get more information including merchandise and representation status here. Authentication is important because it helps reduce the chances of fakes, reproductions and fraud.

Where do I check for updates on exhibitions?

Lariab Ahmad shares updates and invites on her Instagram. She also maintains a list of exhibitions, links to publications and reviews that you can view here.

I am a student/curator/magazine or galley representative/media person.

You can view Artist Statements, Studio Catalog and Publications through Her Pink Wine’s link tree. For further permission, discussion and interview, please contact at zynei1995@gmail.com