A forbidden love with the act of choice

Written by Lariab Ahmad | Visual Artist, Entrepreneur, Writer, Curator, Mentor

On the exhibition titled The Wicked and The Valiant

At the core of this universe is a creative force that fuels our souls. These souls act as little numerous dots of energy connected to one another without even knowing so. It is believed that Artists are ancient muses of the universe, they are always contemplating the force of creation that runs beneath their flesh, skin and bones; their energy is directed towards the world inside them, a world that encases this vast ocean of subconsciousness.

Exploring the unchartered territories of blocked colours, lines and patterns, the forms these muses create are the truth that may not pretty but necessary. Each dot of energy is inventing their personalized method to translate the world without words, attempting to depict the unsettling feeling of what they see and what they don’t know about it yet. Whether they are commenting on norms surrounding constructed genders, strokes conjured from memories, the system of social justice, greasy food, unheard voices and epilogues of a system that is failing constantly; the relation between what we say and how it is influenced by followed arguments on how to say it comes through in each of these narratives. It can be said that these works are pictorial essays that investigate the modern and traditional contexts of contradictory aspects of our universe.

At first glance, you would ponder on the connection between such diverse narratives that are night and day, literally. Similar to their contrasting representations of expressions, you have to tilt your head and look, not closely but from far; you would realize that each artist is not only figuring out their creative force but in the process, they have become muses of Art as well. Each muse is a form; loud but skilled, familiar yet unfamiliar, beautiful but peculiar, bold and incredibly intense. In this exhibition, it is interesting to witness how we never look at one thing; we are continuously devouring multiple phenomena at the same time and holding all of them inside us. Our experience is collective; it defines our status in this universe and our connection to other creative forces in our surroundings. It also constitutes our awareness, what is our present, what we preserve and what we choose to believe.

The Wicked and the Valiant are in forbidden love with the act of choice. A choice to create what is necessary in order to exist. Each work embodies this choice to act, to archive their time and place in this amusing universe. Truths that are not beautiful but genius in their own right.

February 23, 2021

THE DISPLAY, The Wicked and the Valiant, 2021.