Lights at the Margins of history

Written by Lariab Ahmad | Visual Artist, Entrepreneur, Writer, Curator, Mentor

On the artistic experiences of  Amna Suheyl Umar

Born, raised, and currently residing in Lahore, Amna Suheyl is widely recognized in the national and international community; she is currently exhibiting her works as a visual artist and is a faculty member at the Institute of Arts and Culture.

Amna’s work is a glance at the history, the tales of women that we often overlook. The works are a visual representation of the stories of her mother and her family, their experiences during migration taking form in the positive and negative spaces of her prints, and by extension, communicating the force of emotions and tragedies that shapes them as the people we interact with today.

Resonating with many artists who have multi-cultural backgrounds and childhood filled with struggle, Amna is on a constant journey of transfiguration and finding her identity as a visual practitioner in the contemporary landscape where the geographical lines have blurred to the extent of nonexistence in the art scene. Amna’s work examines how migration intersects with art history and modern iconography.

Taking inspiration from her personal archives, Amna comments on the role of women in war and rebellions, in which they have served at the margins of history for a significant length of time. Using printmaking techniques to create visuals that fuses fragmentation from the distorted records of history and real encounters of women at war to their many roles in our societies; leaders in social, political, and economical fields to combating the stereotypes in their usual routine, Amna’s work speaks of a new perspective in understanding the position of women in maintaining the equilibrium of contemporary society.

August 23, 2020

ANCESTRAL, Amna Suheyl Umar, All copyrights are retained by the artist, 2020