Flawed Infinities

Flawed Infinities

String theory replaces particles with strings that interact with each other in time and space.

And we use graviton, a quantum mechanical particle, to understand their gravitational interaction. It is massless and hypothetical. Even in hypothesis, we tend to build some sort of systems and quantities that can normalize this interaction, which may help us in understanding the biggest mysteries of the universe by finding symmetry.

Perhaps it is the complete opposite; the gravitational interactions in-between doesn’t have to be symmetrical. If we imagine human beings as strings, connected like flawed infinities in a vast ocean of consciousness we call the universe. The flaws somehow maintain balance, the asymmetry achieves what symmetry could never imagine – balancing the flaws.

Infinity is meant to be imperfect. It is created flawed. Perhaps we need to let go of our desire to chase the flawless, stop constructing the flawless out of desperation (of understanding all that can never be in our control by establishing system/s).

Innovations and discoveries demand belief in miracles and love; What is the brilliance of miracles if you need explanations? What is the glory of love if you need all the answers? What is the beauty in believing if you need facts?