Seeing – Heisenberg and Berger

Seeing – Heisenberg and Berger

In the words of John Berger, we establish our place by seeing. What is seeing surrounded by the amazing mysteries of the universe?

For some time, we have called the blobs of energy atoms, the only ingredient for everything existing. Then, we realized that an atom is made up of secret ingredients called elementary particles. Before string theory, we shaped these particles into spheres but that didn’t really answer much. We made a new story, a mathematical fiction that these particles could be strings. Either way, we still haven’t figured out the theory for everything.

Seeing is an active process, it’s basically touching electromagnetic waves off objects in order to perceive some sort of forms, hence this reality. It’s not a passive process.

Heisenberg’s principle tells us that there is no certainty in interpreting and maintaining approximate meaning and properties of anything. With electromagnetic waves that strong, they bounce back when we see them.

Adding Berger’s vitality and Heisenberg’s uncertainty, we can never determine the true momentum of the universe because as soon as we see it, the active interaction called seeing triggers a series of effects that changes the system.