The Nature of Persons

The Nature of Persons

To study causes that may converge into a set of events that can help in understanding ‘continued existence’ once life runs out, we depend on the fundamental question of ‘who am I?’.

The nature of Persons is a symbiosis between Mind and Body.

Is Person a combination of body and something immaterial such as a soul? If the soul is the conscious, then the mind is the seat of the soul. This concludes that a Person is a combination of Body and Mind, material and immaterial.

Is Person an extraordinary object that can talk, sing, plan, fall in love, discover, reflect and write poetry?

Are Persons just souls, the mind being a physical object is just an illusion? Are Persons channels to communicate ideas.

Is Person neither physical nor mental? Mind and Body are just two ways to look at the same underlying reality.

What decides our survivability? What gives us hope. What survives death.