The Romance of Strokes and Figures

Buland Iqbal adores neglected characters

Buland’s work fuses his attraction toward human anatomy and the expressionistic quality of its flesh and tones that are timeless and fragmented. The intense brushwork creates a nostalgic tension between the historical context of Figurative paintings and his intimate experiences that are narrated through layers upon layers of paint. The rehearsal of exploring flesh and features in the context of depicting his life experiences further emphasizes the significance of the formal inquiries into the subject. In paintings or other mediums, the surfaces reveal Buland’s respect for the subject’s imperfections, vulnerabilities, and fragility that create their rich character.

The amalgamation of abstraction and figuration in Buland’s paintings is elegant where the strokes themselves have a sculptural quality that elevates the emotions of the subject.

The artworks evoke the notions of dominance and playfulness where the artist is telling his own tale in a rigorous manner through the subjects of his paintings. The works respond to Buland’s life experiences and his ideas of mistreatment and abandonment.

Buland states; ‘Considering these topics as my extension, I adore them and adorn them with a very personal palette of colors and execution. Each of the ordinary subjects becomes a celebration of my being as it finds its way on my canvas by painting those who are not neglected.’

Image: Portrait Of Gillgati, Buland Iqbal, oils on board, all copyrights retained by the artist 2020.