Resources for the advancement of Visual Artists from Lyallpur and beyond

How we work?

There are thoughtful sprints every now and then. In the bigger picture, it is a marathon.


We are a fully remote team that doesn’t need official spaces to work. We have worked with artists from Turkey and Bangladesh, and developed projects while baking a cake. The virtual world has its challenges but it is exciting.

Diverse and Efficient

The team is a blend of young energy and seasoned awesomeness to create the perfect recipes for our projects. Everyone displays a passion for freedom and mystery. Also, we take full advantage of the tools at our disposal.


An idea started this and bought us together. There is nothing we admire as much as ideas, innovation, kindness and empathy.


We appreciate awareness,  acknowledge the truth and hold ourselves accountable for every action we take.

There are so many stories that shouldn’t be just whispers. We are showcasing them, out loud!