Displacement and Societal Behaviours

Abdul Hammad gathers heartless observations

Hammad has experienced various facets of his personality shift during this journey of attaining education and skills. He shares his experience; belonging to a religious family left his impact on people around him in a different manner, who knew this background and on the other side, the acquaintances who knew him as a student of arts. As such, he has seen different aspects of external behaviours such as mockery and bullying during his displacement. As a reaction, he has changed his apparent personality according to the requirements of his new environment. The shift of outer personality and behaviour became an interesting concept for him. He started reacting differently towards materials and people. Based on visual apparencies, the construction of judgemental behaviour became a medium of thought for him and he started studying norms, cultural customs and values, laws, and political standards in context to his art ideas. He studied the rule of cause and effects as a reaction to a shift in behaviours about himself and society. He did enough experimentation using various materials and techniques for confirmation of his observations.

He plays with the idea of finding the true root of preexisted mockery in society and the manipulated one that provokes an urge in him to find the core meaning and value of understanding its origin. The same experience he wants his viewer to have. Similarly, during this phase of the physical shift to Pandemic COVID 19, he gathers heartless observations regarding displacements of people from outer spaces to inner and their changing behaviours according to current scenarios that highlight crude, selfish, and inane human behaviours commanded by survival instinct and self-centred efforts. 

Written by Shumaila Islam

Image: Towards Self, Abdul Hammad, cane stick and hammerhead, all copyrights are retained by the artist 2020.