The Line Never Stops

Ammara Rafique understands nature as the deepest truth

Nature is a system of webs, levels, and cycles. Each component of this evolving system never really dies; it evolves and extends to facilitate the new therefore nature, as a whole, is a dictionary defining the present, archiving the past, and calculating probabilities for the future. Within, humans are similar to paradoxes; we are fleeting but timeless. We become, again and again.

Ammara’s process of work is similar to her connection with her surroundings; steady and continuous. When understanding nature, she travels between the dualities of object and subject, between the perceptions of self and other. Ammara understands Nature as the deepest truth allowing her to self-reflect, especially when focusing on the altered versions of spider webs. Nature has never been as simple as the relationship between a human and its environment; it is a living system filled with points from the past, present, and future that can change our way of seeing.

Today’s complex world is a mix of our primary (Nature) and secondary (zillion virtual strings of information) sources which can be confusing, but for Ammara, these can be channeled to navigate and perhaps find some form of peace; as the definition of peace evolves just like its sources.

Image: Untitled, Ammara Rafique, ink on paper, all copyrights retained by the artist 2023.