Wanders but Belongs

Tehseen Khan absorbs and sifts ideas

Tehseen uses her expression to comment on the factors that help shape an identity on a macro level. The meanings, guides and behaviours of an individual possesses many other identities therefore, any person is a culmination of interactions, ideas and attributes.

From clothing to rituals, we absorb and sift constantly. We will capture and accentuate the most outstanding differences and reject the basic similarities. Tehseen visualizes this concept of social identity and gives it a form beyond the theoretical approach by giving examples from her lifestyle. Her works underline social identity as central to the concept of self, from emotions to self-esteem, orientations, occupations and even sustainability.

While the works do assess the negative evaluations such as conformity, peer pressure and addictions on a deeper level, Tehseen has a positive general outlook that integrates lessons from history and psychology. She takes these lessons and acquired concepts further by introducing a fusion of an individual’s roots with a variety of other domains. This process in evolution has given way to newer interests, values, social and personal identities.

The cooperation between societies on every level underlying in Tehseen’s works extends beyond the popular notions of regionalism, favouritism and discrimination. Her perception of social identity affiliates an individual’s identity with their personalized way of adopting whatever they desire or require from a kaleidoscope of environments available on the planet.

Image: The Grasp, Tehseen Khan, gold leaf and oil on canvas, all copyrights retained by the artist 2022.